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My Kind Of Chaos Bio

          The heavy, hard hitting sounds of My Kind Of Chaos are 5 guys from different backgrounds but forging a sound all their own. Listening to their music you will be teleported back to the amazing times of heavy rock in the 90’s but also feel the drive and originality of modern post punk/rock music that has been missing from our headphones and speakers for far too long.

          With the newly formed lineup, the camaraderie between the boys is extremely tight and hearing them live you would think they had been playing together for years. The second album is already finished by the newly formed MKOC and due for release sometime next year.

Stay tuned for some big sounds coming from My Kind Of Chaos.

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                                                       Calm Down Karen: Music Video


                                                      Making Zombies: Music Video

                                                          Stop Running: Music Video

                                                        Down The River: music video


Feed My Ego: music video


Down The River Behind The Scenes

Check out the action on set of our music video Down The River

Debut Album:


  • 1. Down the River
  • 2. Feed my Ego
  • 3. Makin Zombies
  • 4. Stop Running
  • 5. Not That Bad
  • 6. Euthanasia
  • 7. Better Than This
  • 8. Longtime
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